Law Review Preservation Program

Dec. 2010: The Legal Information Preservation Alliance and Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) have partnered to create the Law Review Preservation Program, the first comprehensive long-term archiving solution for law reviews published online.

With funding and support from LIPA, law reviews published on bepress’s Digital Commons platform can be automatically archived in CLOCKSS, an international dark archive for long-term preservation. Law reviews will join thousands of journals in CLOCKSS, from publishers such as Elsevier, Springer, and Nature, as well as all Berkeley Electronic Press journals. The first law schools to join the program are American University’s Washington College of Law, archiving the American University International Law Review, The Modern American, and Sustainable Development Law and Policy, and Boston College of Law, archiving the Boston College Law Review.

CLOCKSS is a not-for-profit joint venture started by libraries and publishers committed to ensuring long-term access to scholarly publications in digital format. Content in CLOCKSS is preserved with LOCKSS technology. In the event that a law review is no longer available from any university or publisher, it will be triggered from CLOCKSS under an open-access Creative Commons license, guaranteeing that law review articles will remain in the public domain forever. The CLOCKSS archive is distributed across twelve geographically and geopolitically diverse archive nodes, located at major libraries across North America, Europe, and Asia, and is governed by the community of participating libraries and publishers.

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