Preservation Inventory


Submitted by Hope Breeze, April 19, 2005

(The FileMaker Pro inventory database described below was later converted to Microsoft Access. You can download the database and use Access software to open the two converted files – one that lists the titles and one that lists the projects.)


I. General Information About the Database Setup.
A. Structure of the Database.
1. Records and their relationship.
2. Title Record Fields.
3. Project Record Fields.
B. Description of the Displays Available
1. Titles Layout.
2. Projects Layout.
3. Title+Projects Layout.
4. Reports Layout.
C. Instructions for Accessing and Using the Database.
1. Logging In and Out.
2. Performing a Search.
3. Sorting Records.
4. Moving from Record to Record.
5. Brief Description/Explanation of the Navigation Tools in the Status Area.

II. Selection of Information for the Database.

A. General Discussion.
B. Non-Library Contributors.
C. Library Contributors.
D. Record Coding Decisions.

III. Summary of the Database Content.

IV. Summary of Legal Materials Not in the Database.

A. Materials that were Intentionally Left Out.
B. Materials that have not been Preserved.
Appendix A. Missing State Reports.
Appendix B. Database Project Records Showing Gaps in Coverage.
V. Results of the General or Main Survey Questions.

VI. Ongoing Maintenance of the Database.

A. Protecting the Database from Hackers.
B. Avoiding Corruption of the Database.
C. Keeping Information from Non-Library Contributors Up-to-date.
D. Keeping Information from Library Contributors Up-to-date.

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