LIPA Board Meets at AALS

LIPA board members Dan Cordova, Larry Reeves, Susan Nevelow-Mart, Melissa Bernstein, Margie Maes, Christine Iaconeta, and Julie Kimbrough gather for a photo after the bi-annual LIPA membership meeting at AALS in San Diego. The membership meeting, which was hosted by the San Diego County Law Library, provided a forum for discussion of LIPA strategic initiatives.

Board Pic 2018

LIPA Membership Meeting

Friday, January 5, 2017, 2:30-4:00pm PST, San Diego Law Library

  1. Introductions and welcome (Melissa Bernstein)
  2. Chair’s report (Melissa Bernstein)
  • LIPA board worked to increase membership (added 9 members and lost 5 this year, net gain of $4,500 dues)
  • Continue to support
  • Sponsor of Best Practices Exchange in Boston; Dan Cordova and Margie Maes presented a program
  • Sponsor of NDSA in Pittsburgh
  • Board continued work this year on LIPA 3.0 Task Force Report; Executive Director Succession Plan and Policy approved
  • Education Committee has been working on webinar ideas; programs during Preservation Week
  1. Executive Director’s report (Margie Maes)
  • Membership has doubled in past 10 years
  • We are currently maxed out at what we can offer at current funding and staffing level; need to increase revenue through additional membership or revenue streams
  • Mid-year financial report
  • LawArXiv was the conference bag sponsor for the 2017 IALL meeting in Atlanta
  • Mid-America Association of Libraries LawArXiv program
  • Majority of Margie’s time went to working with Preservica to move the Legal Information Archive from OCLC; agreement signed
  1. Project reports:
  • UELMA Preservation Group; working on white paper; monthly phone calls, Dan Cordova presented at Best Practices Exchange in Boston
  • PALMPRint
    1. Upgraded interface will be launched soon
    2. Working on gap-filling collection
  • LawArXiv
    1. Worked with the Center for Open Science on enhancements; batch uploading coming
  1. Educational Program Planning
  • Education Committee
  • Program accepted for AALL talking about different approaches to digital preservation projects
  • Catherine Dunn and Leslie Street working on a webinar on how to advocate for a need within your state (e.g. authentication of state administrative code in Georgia).
  1. Open Discussion / Q&A


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