Initiatives to Preserve and Protect Federally Produced Data

Universities and other organizations have begun initiatives to support government information accessibility given projected/actual changes in government funding and policy. Although not specifically legal, these initiatives may be of interest to LIPA members and others interested in preservation of government information and data.

The Inter-university for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) launched DataLumos, a crowd-sourced repository for valuable government data resources. DataLumos focuses on data in the social and behavioral sciences.

DataRefuge is a project focusing on collecting federal climate and environmental information and data. DataRescue events are held around the country to expand content in DataRefuge. DataRescue events are collaborative gatherings of researchers, librarians, IT folks, and other interested parties working to develop ideas, tools, protocols and practices to preserve, promote, and protect federally produced data.

Endangered Data Week, April 17-21, is a collaborative, coordinated effort across campuses, libraries, and other institutions, to highlight public datasets that are in danger of being deleted, repressed, or lost.

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