LIPA Digital Projects Registry – Your Platform, Your Inspiration

LIPA’s mission is, in part, to provide the opportunity for libraries to work collaboratively on preservation projects and to take advantage of the partnerships created by the organization. In 2015, the LIPA Digital Inventory Task Group, under the leadership of Melanie Dunshee, launched the Survey on Digitization Projects. From this Survey, LIPA built a registry of digital projects to share expertise and to publicize and promote the work of members and libraries.

View the Digital Projects Registry! February is a great month to gain inspiration and find ideas for digitization from the work of your colleagues. If you are starting, working on, or have completed a digitization project, please add your information to the Registry. Projects include government documents – UK documents, session laws; special collections – letters, correspondence, the Clarence Darrow Digital Collection; law school publications, historical legal books, and much more.

Have you wondered what type of scanner, camera, and software you should use? Contributors also offer advice and tips they learned from their projects. Currently 48 projects are available to view. Thank you to all the contributors!

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