National Digital Stewardship Residency program

There are only two weeks left to apply to the National Digital Stewardship Residency (NDSR) program! The deadline is April 5th, 2013!

Interested applicants can apply to the program at

NDSR is a new field experience program developed by the Library of Congress and the Institute of Museum and Library Services for recent graduates interested in digital preservation and stewardship.

NDSR will pair residents with ten affiliated host institutions for a nine-month program that will provide them with an opportunity to develop, apply, and advance their digital stewardship knowledge and skills in real-world settings. We request your help in spreading the word about this amazing opportunity to your networks.

To learn more about the NDSR program, including how to apply, please visit our website at:

Thank you,
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Kristopher F. Nelson
Library of Congress  |  Office of Strategic Initiatives

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