Boards and Committees

Board of Directors, 2013/2014:

Sally Wise, University of Miami, Chair (serving until July 2014)
Melanie Dunshee, Duke Law Library, Vice Chair (serving until July 2015)
Camille Broussard, New York Law School Library, Treasurer (serving until July 2015)
Darin Fox, University of Oklahoma, Secretary (serving until July 2014)
Stephanie Davidson, University of Illinois, Member-at-Large (serving until July 2015)
Victoria Trotta, Arizona State University, Member-at-Large (serving until July 2014)

Board of Directors, 2012/2013:

Melanie Dunshee, Duke Law Library, 2012/13 Chair (serving until July 2013)
Camille Broussard, New York Law School Library (serving until July 2013)
Darin Fox, University of Oklahoma (serving until July 2014)
Victoria Trotta, Arizona State University (serving until July 2014)
Sally Wise, University of Miami (serving until July 2014)

Legal Information Alliance Steering Committee, 2010/2011

Ken Hirsh, Chair; Gail Warren, Taylor Fitchett, Leonette Williams, Brian Quigley
LIA Steering Committee’s First Report, Oct. 5, 2010
LIA Steering Committee’s Annual Report, 2010/2011

Nominations and Elections Committee, 2010/2011

Jim McMasters, Chair; Julia Wentz, Billie Jo Kaufman

Communications and Marketing Committee, 2009/2010

Tory Trotta, Chair; Neil Campbell, Georgia Chadwick, Kim Dulin, Carol Parker, Bobbie Snow; Jan Anderson, ex officio
Final Report, Sept. 2010

Digital Preservation Priorities and Inventory Committee, 2009/2010:

Bruce Johnson, Chair; Anne Acton, Kay Newman, Ann Puckett, Sarah Rhodes

Print Retention Committee, 2009/2010

Kent McKeever, Chair; Barb Garavaglia, Judith Wright

State Representatives Committee, 2009/2010

Keith Ann Stiverson, Chair; Kathy Carlson, April Schwartz, Gail Warren

Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee, 2009/2010

Janice Snyder Anderson, Chair; Steve Anderson, John Christensen, Anne Klinefelter, Kory Staheli

Nominations and Elections Committee, 2009/2010

Judith Wright, Chair; Jim McMasters, Julia Wentz

Strategic Planning Committee, 2009/2010

Judy Meadows, Chair; Phil Berwick, Janis Johnston, Keith Ann Stiverson

Elections Committee, 2008/2009

Judith Wright, Chair; Jim McMasters, Julia Wentz
Final Report, April 2009

Members of Past Boards of Directors (formerly, Executive Committees), with Terms Served

Robert Oakley, Georgetown U. Law Library, 2004-2007
Margie Axtmann, U. of St. Thomas Law Library, 2004-2006
Kent McKeever, Columbia U. Law Library, 2004-2006, 2006-2008
Judy Meadows, Montana State Law Library, 2004-2006, 2008-2010, 2010-2012
Judith Wright, U. of Chicago Law Library, 2004-2007
Paul George, U. of Pennsylvania Law Library, 2006-2008, 2010-2012
Janis Johnston, U. of Illinois Law Library, 2006-2008, 2008-2010
Margaret Leary, U. of Michigan Law Library, 2007-2009
Kathleen Vanden Heuvel, U. of California, Berkeley, Boalt Law Library, 2007-2009
Keith Ann Stiverson, Chicago-Kent Law Library, 2008-2010
Rita Reusch, University of Utah Law Library, 2009-2011
Janice Snyder Anderson, Georgetown Law Library, 2009-2011
Victoria Trotta, Arizona State University Law Library, 2010-2012
Camille Broussard, New York Law School Library, 2011-2013
Melanie Dunshee, Duke Law Library, 2011-2013

Print Repository Committee, 2005/06

Jerry Dupont, Kent McKeever, Judith Wright

Strategic Planning Committee, 2005/06

Margie Axtmann, Chair; Neil Campbell, Paul George, Janis Johnston, Judy Meadows, Kathleen Vanden Heuvel

Dues Committee, 2005/06

Carol Billings, Blair Kaufman, Frank Liu

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